What is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization is a technique, which you should use to enable search engines to find and give your website a better ranking than your competitors, in response to a search query. If you do not make use of the right techniques your website can get lost in the list of thousands of other websites, and get found only if searched by name. Though it is good to have loyal customers, but if you want your company to grow, new customers is very important. But how do you optimize your site for search engines in a way that it recognizes the target keywords and you enjoy high ranking? Our Miami SEO services will be of great help in such circumstances.

Google recently changed its rules so that the users have a better experience while surfing the Internet. However, this good deed made things difficult for many honest websites, who still are trying to recover. The problem is that many webmasters tried to take advantage of the earlier system. The information available online was being repeated again and again, just like in automated websites. Such websites were used to build links and increase traffic, and then would be used in manual money making sites. After Google changed its policies, many such useless websites disappeared.

 So, after so many changes, what is SEO today?

SEO needs to be clean at every level. Since things have changed so much, website owners need to hire an established Miami SEO company. One thing that still is the same is that SEO starts with actual website development. The on page search optimization plays an important role and this is why most website owners seek professional help to get this task done properly. Basically, the aim is to help the website get a better page ranking amongst the important search engines for the targeted keywords.

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 Links and page ranking:

Links play an important role in a website’s page ranking. Earlier it just meant having lots of links. However, today it means having relevant and great links. For instance, if it is an interior design website, it would not benefit much if it got links from a health site. It, however, would benefit from a guest post, link or a comment received from any related blog or website like one about floorings or carpets.

 Social networking:

Social networking plays a very important role in online marketing a website to promote products or services to generate more sales and new leads. It is a great way to get exposure, leading to link sharing, and consequently the traffic to a website increases.

 On site content:

Your website should have high quality content, which is friendly and informative to the readers and not to search engines. So to say, they should read naturally so that people can understand and enjoy reading them. Your content should have deep linking. For example, a webpage on bathroom renovations should have links to web pages that have some connection to the subject like vanities, bathtubs and so on.

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 Meta tags:

To describe the website Meta tags should be used. These will make it easier for the user to locate your website when he conducts his search. Meta tags needs to be used in descriptions, images and also in titles.

 Header tags:

What is SEO is important for you to know but you should also learn the importance of header tags. Header tags break up text or information, making it easier for search engines to gather essential details about a webpage. Using it search engine spiders get a better understanding of the topic of a certain webpage.


Keywords should be used in Meta tags and headers. They should be related to your website, and flow naturally within the content so that the readers have a good experience. If you want your business to be successful make sure you use the right keywords. Make sure you do not keywords stuff your content as that might get you penalized by search engines.

Domain Names and URL

Domain names play a very important role in SEO, and the URL structure is equally important. Make sure it is short and concise so that it can be remembered easily.

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What is SEO, this question surely has been answered by now. It helps website owners enjoy success through various techniques and strategies. Always remember that if a consumer cannot find you online, they will definitely find your competitors.

Miami SEO Services staff would like the chance to make it easier for you in your journey to find more target paying customers.