SEO Myths Exposed

Whether you just started blogging or building a website, you need to have the best ethical SEO practices on your side in order to achieve your expected online success. Unfortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands of search engine optimization myths that have tainted the real picture about SEO.

Throughout this article our expert Glenn Lee will be deciphering the top 4 SEO myths that have being misleading and deterring people from attaining online success.

Myth #1: Backlinks do not affect website ranking on search engines:

This is totally wrong and misleading. In fact, there is enough proof to show that websites or blogs that have seriously implemented relevant backlinks are ranked high by various search engines each and every time. Hence, if you want to remain competitive and generate massive traffic from various search engines, you have no option but to incorporate top quality backlinks in your content.

Myth #2: High quality content versus ranking high on search engines:

The best Miami SEO experts will attest to the fact that you cannot be ranked high on various search engines like Google if your content is not unique and of high quality in terms of being grammatically correct and updated. In the recent past, most websites concentrated too much on inclusion of keywords in their content but failed to ensure that their quality meets the required standards. This will hurt their sales since after the new Google Panda updates, all websites with low quality content dropped in ranking. Hence, avoid being a victim of this by ensuring that you only publish high quality content that is relevant to your products and services at all times. Hiring a good Miami SEO services web marketing company to distribute top notch unique content to relevant authority sites for your website or blog should be among your top priorities.

SEO Myth

Myth #3: Exact Match Domain(EMD) names are as good as dead:

The recent Google Panda updates did trigger the attention of most SEO service providers. They categorically stated that having exact match domains(EMD) does not in any way positively affect the website ranking. They even went a step further and removed some websites that were considered to be of low value as compared to other similar websites. To some extent, their update statement is not true based on the fact that if you create an exact match website or blog and work smart to improve it and increase its quality and value, will it not rank higher than other similar domain sites? Bottom line is, your website will still rank high and remain competitive if it is of high value despite the fact that it could be sharing the exact domain name with other websites. A good SEO consultant will help you achieve this by adding value to your website.

Myth #4: I have to submit my website to at least 1,000 search engines:

This is perhaps one of the lamest and still misleading myths in the world. First of all, we still do not have 1,000 search engines hence anyone who tells you that they will submit your website to over 1,000 search engine is just try devour your money. The focus should be on creating relevant, informative website, with unique content and great user experience along with ways for visitors to share your content with others. The best way to avoid being misled by a possible here today gone tomorrow search engine marketing agencies is by contacting establish SEO Miami providers who are well known for delivering top quality SEO services businesses require. Keep this in mind, internet marketing agencies that appear on the first page of Google are considered industry leaders. With experience and knowledge of how to properly conduct effective SEO campaigns following Google’s HummingbirdPanda and Penguin updates and most importantly they have a proven track record implementing Miami SEO services for clients.

As, a premier local SEO company in Miami Florida we are proud to work with local businesses to improve their search engine results page(SERP) position and increase their sales, profits and website visitor traffic. If you are in need of a quote then feel free to complete our quick website analysis form in the top right hand corner of this page to request your free website analysis.

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